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The Pool Automation Guide

by | Oct 23, 2017 | Pool Maintenance

As technology seamlessly advances with the help of humans (and now with the help of technology), even your backyard pool can be improved. Automation comes in many forms: marketing, manufacturing and now your pool maintenance. Pool automation is the perfect solution for the wealthier and time-sensitive pool owners. In this blog, we’re going to cover the pool automation guide with you.

What you normally do for your pool can take time out of your daily, weekly and monthly schedules. Every day you might check your water levels, chemical balances and run your pool’s filtration system. Perhaps weekly, you will treat your pool water as a result of use, natural weather, and debris. Monthly, you may need to check your filter and all the chemical levels, including pH. You may need to run to the pool store to pick up chemicals. All these tasks take time out of your day.

Pool Automation Advantages

When you think about the advantages, they come one after the other. The functionality and user experience is simple. Imagine tapping an app on your Apple Watch and heating your pool, releasing chemicals or turning on the underwater pool lights. Technology really is amazing when actions can be reduced to a single tap of your wrist, while you’re enjoying an alcoholic beverage in your backyard hammock.

Secondly, pool automation will more strictly monitor your pool’s chemical levels and processes than you can. Life gets in the way and often. However, having a system that checks itself when you’re stuck in traffic, watching your child’s recital or waiting for a connecting flight sounds like bliss. It can do the work while you’re away or you can turn on settings while you’re away as long as you’re using the right equipment.

Depending on who you ask, the disadvantages are fewer than the advantages! Of course, money is a big disadvantage. Pool automation system tools can become expensive and quickly, but in the end, they will save you tremendous amounts of time. Also depending on the types of pool automation equipment you purchase, the difficulty of installation can differ. Sure, there are more moving parts in the entire process. But in the end, the added work done up front can save time on the back end and even longer.

Florida Residents: What You Can Benefit From Knowing

A lot of Florida residents are snowbirds. Six months of the year they spend here in the winter. The other six months are spent up north during the summer months. Often times, that means there are two houses to maintain. Consider having your second home’s pool system automated. When you’re using residing in the Sunshine State, you and your pool automation can handle the maintenance. When you leave, you can turn off the pool’s system indefinitely. Or maintain it from a distance as well while you’re flying back up north. The possibilities are endless. The same mentality can apply to vacation homes, especially if you’re renting one out. Make things easier for your vacation house guests with pool automation or hand the tablet over to them once they agree to rent.

Pool Automation: Where To Start?

With almost everything on the consumer market, there are plenty of options, models, price points and levels of products. When it comes to pool automation, there are entry-level, mid-range and advanced automation systems. Erik’s Aquatic Care wants to advise all our readers and clients that if pool automation is on your horizon to do your research first! Read reviews. Find users of the products you’re considering purchasing (preferably on an internet forum) and ask lots of questions. It always pays off to do your homework first.

Consider what parts of your pool’s system you’re looking to automate. Pool lights, the surrounding landscape lighting, water features like jets, bubblers, and fountains, music, misters, yard sprinklers and yard lights, fans, pond pumps, pool pumps and filters, pool heaters, automatic pool cleaners, chlorinators, salt chlorinators, pool chemistry, spa jets, valves, solar heating and a handful of other things can all be automated. What exactly is worth it for you to automate?

Do Some Digging On Pool Automation

Hayward, a pool vendor out of New Jersey, has a great write up on pool automation systems for you to research. They also have a great section on name brands of pool automation systems: OmniLogic, ProLogic, AquaPlus, E-Command 4, OnCommand, and AquaConnect.

If you’d prefer to have someone local come to you and talk shop about pool automation, give us a call. We can set aside time to discuss your pool automation options. Erik’s Aquatic Care is always here to answer questions you may have as a current or future pool owner. Cheers!