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No Running … Take Steps Toward Building Your New Pool

by | Mar 6, 2018 | Pool Information, Pool Ownership

While almost all of the blogs we’ve written since we started blogging deal with current pool owners, we can’t forget future pool owners! That may include you or someone you know. Feel free to pass along this informative blog covering the necessary steps to acquiring your new pool. We will walk you through the major concerns and questions to ask yourself during the brainstorming process. Erik’s Aquatic Care is more than just pool maintenance. We are also pool consultants who enjoy educating people on the ins and outs of pool ownership. Let’s start building!

Building (Up To) Your New Pool

Building your actual new pool is the last stage in the process. Brainstorming, cultivating ideas through existing designs, running the numbers and establishing a budget are a few early steps you can take. As your pool maintenance experts, feel free to peruse our previous blogs for types of pools you may want to consider. We have written detailed blogs on the alternatives to pool chemicals for people who are more health-conscious. Additionally, be sure to check out the blog on saltwater pool conversions, which is a growing trend in our industry. It never hurts to do some window shopping. Ask other pool owners questions to get their opinion on various topics first hand. They’ll tell you straight.

First Things First: Building Your Budget

Your budget is the only overarching limitation of your new backyard pool. Our best advice is to create a budget and stick to it. This is where window shopping comes in handy as well as compiling ideas for add-ons, features and other designs you may want to incorporate. Do you or do you not want a hot tub? Fountains? Lights? Automated pool cleaner? What size pool do you want? What type of construction is best? Make a list and factor in the average price for each. 

Who Will Be Using Your Pool?

Keep in mind, your budget may increase or decrease as the process goes on. That’s okay; keep a close eye on it. After you narrow down your budget, be aware of everyone who will be swimming—children, pets, neighbors, family, or just you. The fewer people and pets that will be swimming, the less you need to worry about. Consider children swimming, you’ll definitely need more gradual steps or a shallow entry. Without children, you can incorporate a diving board or a deeper pool overall. If only adults are enjoying the pool, such as you and your spouse and neighbors, you won’t need a gate. It’s only optional at this point.

Uses Of Your Pool

After figuring out who will use your new pool, your budget and the design may change slightly. The next step is figuring how the best type of pool and its design. If you desire an exercise pool (and you have the room) you may be looking to incorporate a long in-ground rectangular pool in order to swim laps. If you want to host parties, you may want to include many features to accommodate your guests—a slide, fountain, diving board, water feature, lights, what have you. A good rule of thumb is to regularly check your budget against your wishes and make sure you’re not overspending on things you don’t truly want to live with.

On a similar note, be sure to consider the long-term impact of pool ownership. It will add a fair amount of time to your schedule if you decide to clean and maintain it on your own. The plus side to having a professional maintenance team care for your pool is that it buys you time. You’ll still be spending a bit more on utility bills to keep the pool running. Many pool owners can easily handle the added financial strain because they take their time in finding the many energy-efficient components on the market.

Obtaining The Permit

When it comes to your permit, plan ahead. Because seeking permits and records usually take time, use that time in the interim to learn and window shop. You won’t be able to start construction before the permit is in place. That’s alright, you’ll most likely change your mind and your budget several times before calling your highly-rated local pool builders. Yes, be sure to even window shop on the companies who construct pools. Pay close attention to their reviews, designs/portfolio, terms, contracts, and professionalism. Each piece plays a role when it comes to adding a permanent and sizable amenity to your property. 

Erik’s Aquatic Care is always here to answer questions you may have as a current or future pool owner. Cheers!