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How To Maintain And Reduce Pool Utility Costs

by | Jan 15, 2018 | Pool Maintenance, Pool Tips

As a pool service and repair company, Erik’s Aquatic Care strives to bring our clients and readers the best information and the best service. We’ve covered tons of topics since the inception of our blog from poolwater types, chemicals, safety, and storage as well as some top 10 best (and worse) design picks. This week, we will cover some tips and tricks to maintain and even reduce your pool’s utility costs.

Purchasing Chemicals In Bulk

This first tip would only work for pool owners who treat their own pool. By having your pool cared for by a professional team on a regular schedule, you won’t need to worry about chemicals. If you fly solo, we advise buying chemicals in bulk. Even if you may not see a discount offered for bulk products from your local store, still ask. It never hurts to ask because you may get a “yes.” Additionally, before you buy chemicals in bulk, make sure you have enough room to safely store them all.

Timing Your Utilities

We discussed pool pumps and filters in past blogs. With so much information, maintaining and reducing pool utility costs had to be earmarked for the future. Treat your pool utility like peak time at the gym. Things will be more hectic when everyone is trying to work out at the same time. Therefore, when people are using their home, electricity rates will be higher during those peak times. Plan ahead in your regular schedule to run your pool’s utilities overnight. When the majority of people are sleeping, the 12 hours overnight from 8 pm to 8 am will be downtime for electricity usage.

Conserving Poolwater

Naturally, summer brings heat to your property and pool. You’re already spending more than normal for your utility bills to maintain a comfortable home with air conditioning. Even though you may not realize it, your pool is taking a hit as well. As a result of excess heat, the process of evaporation takes place. Slowly, but surely, your pool’s water will evaporate and the water level will drop.

Another natural element that can have an impact on your utility bills is wind. Believe it or not, wind can also slowly reduce the water level. It will pull water vapors away from your pool. Secondly, any heated pool is vulnerable to wind. The wind can pull heat away from the water’s surface and, in turn, make your pool heater work harder.

Replenishing water and chemicals to restore and rebalance the water will add up—adding water, adding chemicals, and running the pool filter. This part is natural and doesn’t give you much control.

However, you can control how much water spills out in the beginning. Splashing or having a big pool party will take its toll on your water level. Consider ways to enjoy your pool and stay cool without losing the water.

Pool Covers

Sure, why not purchase and install a pool cover when the pool is not being used for an extended period of time? You’ll keep your pool in a still and clean state. There’s no need to leave it open and uncovered, exposed to the elements, animals, debris, etc. Be smart and cover your pool as often as you can.

The Pool Filter Itself

This one may not be obvious, but it comes down to size and efficiency. A smaller pool filter will have to use more energy to filter your pool. The smaller parts will be forced to work harder, expend more energy and, in turn, increase your utility costs. If you’re just starting out or have a small, overwhelmed pool filter, consider changing over to a larger pool filter. If you’d like to discuss options for your pool and a larger filter, contact us! We’d be happy to help (our email can be found below).

Bonus Tips

Here are a few that you may have forgotten or may not know about. Our writer has a 3-light rule in his home at night to limit electricity usage. During the day, he only uses natural light until it gets dark. There are no extra lights on, which in turn, save electricity. Consider: when swimming at night, go dark for a change of pace. Installing high-efficiency or LED lighting and keeping only a few lights on will do wonders over time.

Erik’s Aquatic Care is always here to answer questions you may have as a current or future pool owner. Cheers!