Note: This blog is geared toward new pool owners and homeowners thinking about adding a pool to his or her property. Whether you wish to build an in-ground or an above-ground pool, selecting the right pool dealer is crucial. We’re going to cover the basics when it comes to making the right decisions as a pool owner.

Choosing the right pool dealer can make or break your pool, whether you are building an in-ground or above ground pool. Finding someone you trust to recommend not just materials and labor, but also products to keep your pool functioning properly is important. How can you make sure the pool dealer you’re working with is the right match for you? Consider the following circumstances…

The Right Expertise

As a future in-ground pool owner, you won’t want to work with a pool dealer who only specializes in above ground pools (and vice versa). Don’t assume that the two types are the same. Truthfully, a dealer who primarily deals with one pool type may not have the expertise you’re searching for. Find the experts who pair with the type of pool you want.

The Right Knowledge

Various areas of the country provide conditions where those pools require different chemicals, modified chemical levels, and contrasting pool maintenance routines. Someone with only general information about pool maintenance won’t be able to help you keep your specific pool clean and functional. Some areas of the country are more prone to algae blooms, while others have to deal more with natural debris. A dealer with the right knowledge will adhere to your pool’s criteria and find a solution that works specifically for you.

The Right Materials And Products

Experience? Check. Knowledge? Check. What about the resources? The materials and products? Does your pool dealer routinely work with the materials you wish to construct your pool. Perhaps you want to use a chlorine alternative and the pool dealer you plan to work with only carries chlorine products. Save yourself time and move onto your next option. 

Not choosing the dealer that carries the products you need can double your work. Good dealers should be willing to order the products you want, even if they don’t normally have them in stock. Therefore, be sure to ask your favorite dealer before simply defecting to another.

The Right Support

Competent dealers should provide you with a range of services and connections to service providers to keep your pool clean and functional. Check with your dealer to see what kind of services they provide. Good dealers will tell you that if they can’t handle a service, they’ll refer you to someone in their network who does. A dealer who gives solid recommendations can be a huge asset.

Finding the right pool dealer shouldn’t be difficult. Consider these criteria as you make your decisions regarding your future backyard pool. Whether you hire us or our competitors, you as the client need to take time and make sure you trust a team of pool care professionals before hiring them. Once you’ve got the team locked down, what about the products themselves?

Choosing Energy-Efficient Pool Products

If you already have a pool, you know there’s a lot to the maintenance.  Wear and tear will add upconstantly running your pump can easily become expensive. Energy efficient pool products don’t just benefit the environment, they also benefit your electricity bill. By installing more efficient equipment and buying more efficient pool products, you’ll save hundreds of dollars per year. But, exactly how much can they save you?

The averageUnited States household spends over $5,000 on energy. If you do have a pool, you’re probably spending more than that amount. It’s definitely worth your time to look into cost-effective alternatives! By installing energy efficient pool products, you could save up to 30{49719dccefdf8f13231f745f8029506257ec6f55a0466a63a6a49aacfde2ef6e} on your electricity bill. Just installing one energy efficient piece of equipment (or using one efficient product) could save you hundreds per year. That is real savings power! Even if you switch over to only energy efficient products, you could still save thousands of dollars a year.

Save Money And Still Enjoy Your Pool

Think about replacing your pool lights with more energy-efficient bulbs. You could reduce the total amount of energy from your lights by up to 80{49719dccefdf8f13231f745f8029506257ec6f55a0466a63a6a49aacfde2ef6e}—massive savings and you can still night swim as much as you want.

Many people avoid using their pools due to the expensive cost. Of course, you’ll swim in your pool when it’s clean. Cleaning your pool means running the pump, which means spending money. It’s a catch 22 and therefore, some people will simply not use their pool when aiming to save money. Luckily, this doesn’t have to be the case. Energy efficient pool products can be your lifeline. By reducing the cost of using your pool by hundreds and even thousands of dollars, you can still use your pool and enjoy it.

Various Benefits Of Energy Efficient Products

Better For The Environment

Save money on your energy bill by using less energy. Using less energy puts less of a strain on the country’s energy resources. Taking it one step farther, it means less overall energy has to be produced and reduces the pollution. The United States uses about half of the energy it could be using, because people have switched over energy efficient products.

Better For The Economy

Using energy efficient products supports an entire industry dedicated to manufacturing those products, ensuring they’re safe, and reducing energy use as a whole. With energy efficient products, they save our country north of $500 billion a year. Energy efficiency further bolsters the economy by releasing more money. It also supports the research, development and innovation that have created these products and encourages the industry to continue to seek out more energy efficient solutions. Think about it as a positive cycle encouraging more growth from its results.

Better For Your Pool

When you choose energy efficient pool products, you’re more likely to keep your pool clean. It’ll take less energy and financial resources to light, heat, and clean your backyard pool. In the end, energy efficiency  improves your quality of life while also saving you money!

Erik’s Aquatic Care is always here to answer questions you may have as a current or future pool owner. Cheers!