Let’s start this blog off the right way and say there is no definite answer on the frequency of changing your hot tub water. It’s not black and white because there are several factors that play a role. Of course, “whenever it feels like it” and “once every season” are not going to do you any good. The entire Erik’s Aquatic team cares about your health and the well being of your home. Below we will cover those factors that dictate how often you should change your hot tub water.

The frequency is not defined, so let’s define it. Factors such as location, air quality, a covering or lack thereof, nearby forestry, frequent use, indoor vs. outdoor can all play a role in how often you’ll need to change your hot tub water. Using your hot tub every day means you’ll need to drain and refill more regularly. If that is the case, we suggest every few days depending on how many people are in it with you. To that end, more people using your hot tub will mean more frequent cycling of the water.

Be Aware Of Hot Tub Foam

Most hot tub owners are already aware that a regular necessary chemical to add is an antifoam agent. Seeing foam while running your hot tub is a good indication you should dump the hot tub water and start over. In more obvious cases, if foam appears even with an antifoam, it’s time to change your hot tub water.

Color Of The Hot Tub Water

The pigment of your water can determine whether your hot tub water is safe and clean or needs to be replaced. Simply, any discoloration or change in hue from it’s normal coloring means you need to change it out. Just like with a cloudy pool or pool water that looks pink, green or any color other than clear blue, you wouldn’t normally step into it. The same thing goes for hot tubs and jacuzzis. It’s a smart move to take note of the color of your water after initial installation or after a fresh cleaning. That way, you’ll have a baseline color to always compare.

Your Water’s Scent

Perhaps, the color of your water is fine and there’s no excessive foam when it’s running. That’s what you can see. What can you smell? Is there an unusual scent or an odor coming from your hot tub? At that point, definitely drain the water and start with fresher, cleaner water. Ensure the pH level is balanced and other chemicals are up to their appropriate levels as well.

Mark And Check Your Calendar

It’s very possibly owners who don’t regularly use their hot tub ignore the thoughts of cycling water. “If I don’t use it, then it’s clean and therefore, doesn’t need to be changed. No one has been in it.” The thought is sound, but not full-proof.

The best way to prevent hot tub problems, strange odors, slimy water, would be to regularly drain the water. Depending on your schedule and frequency of use, choose a day of the week or a date of the month to drain and refill the tub. If you like to hop in every Friday night after a rough week of work, drain it on Friday when you get home. That way, every time you hop in, it’ll be clean and fresh for you.

There are some articles out there that suggest doing some math for a more exact changeover frequency. This is up to you, of course, but we don’t feel it’s necessary as long as you stay disciplined with what you choose to do.

Erik’s Aquatic Care is always here to answer questions you may have as a current or future pool owner. Cheers!