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The Where, When, And How Of Swimming Lessons

by | Nov 13, 2017 | Health

Because the Erik’s Aquatic Care team caters to the Gulf coast of Florida—specifically, the Bradenton, Lakewood Ranch, Ellenton and Sarasota areas—swimming year-round is big. Our clientele consists of individual families, extended families, singles, couples, and communities. Children and grandchildren are still a big part of our vast community. As a result, we’re bringing information about swimming lessons to you, our loyal readers.

The Importance Of Teaching Children Swimming Lessons

Unfortunately, a lot of children aren’t taught how to swim at a young age. As a result, they grow up still unsure of how to swim. We’ve seen it on rare occasions. The embarrassment that usually follows can be easily avoided. Well, more easily said than done. Some people develop a fear of water as a result of not being exposed to it as a young’n. As you grow up, the fear never leaves, you stay away from water, etc. The cycle goes on. Plus, consider the possibilities, however extreme, that your child is on a camping trip and the canoe or kayak capsizes. They could drown without knowing this essential skill. Say you take your family on a cruise and the cruise ship strikes an iceberg and the ship sinks. Not good. Therefore, knowing how to swim is crucial.

The Right Age To Teach

A few sources agree there is a suitable age range for swimming lessons. At the same time, there’s a time that’s considered too early to learn. “Concerns have been raised that kids who take lessons too early might develop a false sense of security around water and therefore be more in danger of drowning than kids who don’t.” — Source: Washington Post 

Children ages 5-7 are generally seen as the best years to teach children so they become adept swimmers. Therefore, introducing children to the water around ages 4-6 is safe. It’s also a smooth way to ease them into the new world of swimming. We don’t think playing in the tub or the baby pool at an early age is a bad thing. Of course, extreme supervision is required even at a baby pool. After all, it only takes an inch of water to drown. Bringing your child or grandchild to the community baby pool or even just to the first step of your pool can be a great experience. It’ll allow them to get used to the feeling when you decide to teach them later on.

The Benefits Of Swimming Lessons

  • Safetyknowing how to swim can be a safety measure worth teaching. It can save not only their life but the life of someone nearby in the event of an accident. Someone who can’t swim could slip and fall in. Someone who knows how to swim will more easily jump in than someone who doesn’t know how.
  • Funlet’s be honest, pool parties are timelessly fun. How can you go to a pool party without knowing how to swim? Don’t outcast yourself by missing out!
  • Confidenceswimming can be a confidence builder. It’s as simple as preparing mentally to overcome a task. You, as the child or adult, know you will learn how to swim. By putting mind over matter and learning and applying the lessons on your own, your confidence will increase.
  • Communityas a young child, playing in the pool with friends can be a great social development tool. They’ll learn how to play, share, and work together and, have fun, best of all.

Local Resources

As you do some research like we did, you’ll learn that local swimming lessons and schools have restricted hours. They are very limited so definitely plan ahead to take your children and grandchildren for lessons. Feel free to dig on Yelp a little, we found these businesses on there with great reviews: Miracle Swimming (for adults) | Swimtastic Swim School | Schools Of Fish Swimming.

Erik’s Aquatic Care is always here to answer questions you may have as a current or future pool owner. Cheers!