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Pool Maintenance Services

Erik’s Aquatic Care is South Florida’s premier pool service company, specializing in swimming pool maintenance, service, and weekly cleaning. Our commitment to quality and customer service is what sets us apart. Since 2006, EA Care has served your neighbors with a wide range of services backed by our attention to detail, transparency of service, and industry professionalism. Just as you would take your car to a mechanic to keep it in good condition, you also need to have an expert examine your pool and perform ongoing maintenance to keep it in optimal condition. Our weekly pool cleaning service helps to protect your investment and the health of all who swim in your pool. Contact us today for quick and free consultation and quote. You’ll be glad you did!

Professional Pool Cleaning Service

Establishing a weekly scheduled pool maintenance service is the best way that you can keep your pool in good working condition and provide for hours of relaxation and fun. Whether you’re at home or away, EA Care offers a rain or shine guarantee, and will be there every week to clean and maintain your backyard paradise.

Cleaning & Brushing Your Pool

Even if your pool is inside an enclosure, it will still collect sand, insects, leaves, and other debris from the surrounding area. Not only can this debris make your pool an unpleasant place to swim, it can also damage your equipment if allowed to clog your filters. Debris of any kind should be skimmed out of your pool as often as possible, especially if it is sinking into your pool, where it could leave staining on a pools finish. Regular cleaning should be part of your weekly pool maintenance. We can take care of skimming your pool to help keep it clean! Our maintenance service will make sure that you have the right balance of chemicals to keep the pool fun and swimmable, while also helping to keep it hygienic.

Cleaning Your Skimmers

Along with actually skimming the pool, you will want the tools you use to clean that pool to be clean. They will only pick up the debris in your pool and keep it sanitary if they have been regularly cleaned.

Pool Equipment Maintenance

Every week, your equipment should be checked to make sure it is still in proper working order. This includes checking your pump, the strainers, your filter, and the drains. This system is crucial to making sure that your pool stays clean and that the chemicals are balanced. If your equipment is properly maintained by our service, you won’t have to worry about costly repairs, and our technicians expertly wash your filter every 5 weeks. A quick check to make sure everything is running fine and that there is no debris blocking any of the components will keep them in great condition.

Keeping your pool in great working order does not have to be difficult. If you simply want to enjoy your pool and not worry about any of the weekly pool maintenance that helps it run smoothly, we are here to help! Our services make it fast and easy to keep your pool clean and working properly.