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All About Floatation Devices And Pool Tools

by | Nov 20, 2017 | Pool Information, Pool Tips

Think back to when you were a child growing up, you know, the great times before cell phones were more important than going outside. It was a great feeling being invited to a pool party. Pool parties were endless outdoor fun, usually with food, drinks, friends and summer nights. Even with all the fun amenities like a diving board for the deep end, a loveseat, underwater lighting, and safety are all very important. In this blog, we’re going to cover floatation devices and pool toys of all kinds.

First Comes The Safety…

Erik’s Aquatic Care puts safety first when it comes to pool maintenance. The right chemical balance will allow your pool water and to remain cleaner and for longer. Outside of water treatment and removing algae, the safety of you and your guests is paramount. If you are ever planning on having children on your property, be smart and plan ahead. Have water wings and a floatation jacket nearby. Better to be prepared than not.

Keeping these close to the pool edge when you have people over can make a tremendous difference. Who in your family knows CPR? Keep at least one lifeguard on duty at all times. As a homeowner, it would be smart for you to be responsible and educated on the proper CPR techniques.

…Then Comes The Fun

Floatation devices like pool noodles are not only used as water guns. Contrary to popular belief, they can be used as … floatation devices. The coolest pool owners have at least 4-6 pool noodles. Sitting on two of them will let you sink just enough while remaining above water. Try laying flat and putting one under your ankles, one under your lumbar and one under your neck. Ah, bliss!

Because there are tons of options to buy things on Amazon, we recommend starting there. We’ve seen quite a few interesting custom float ideas. From pizza slices and flamingos to giant kissing lips, giant Hawaiian t-shirts, and cacti. Of course, floatation devices are fun for sunbathing in the water with a drink, alcoholic or otherwise. What about other toys in the pool can you play with? Can you imagine seeing the robotic bull at country bars turned into a giant pool float? It’s been done, just google it!

Get Creative

Diving for glow sticks at night is awesome as well. Set up a net across your pool’s shallow end and incorporate volleyball into your backyard pool. You could purchase basketball nets and play water basketball. Get creative and combine a few games together. Turn off the pool lights for a surreal experience under the stars. Let the stars light up your pool and create a romantic or creepy environment depending on who you’re hanging out with. It could go either way: candles for that love connection or candles inside pumpkins for Halloween. Obviously, this can only work in Florida with our endless summers!

Erik’s Aquatic Care is always here to answer questions you may have as a current or future pool owner. Cheers!